OpenType® Fonts

The Computer Modern Family

contains essentially every math and technical symbol on the planet.

contains every glyph in the following Unicode blocks: Basic Latin, Latin-1 Supplement, Latin Extended-A, Latin Extended-B, and (non-Coptic) Greek.

A set of three fonts that enable you to create moderately complex mathematical expressions in a word-processing, graphics-editting, or page-layout environment without the aid of an external equation editor.

We also make custom fonts.


Mathematica® AddOns/Applications

is a collection of tools that facilitate the use of Mathematica in teaching or learning calculus. The package includes numerous easy-to-use functions for creating unique animations and graphics, as well as several functions that simplify typical computations in multivariable and vector calculus.

Calculus with Mathematica
is an Interactive Book that covers essentially all topics in the typical (U.S.) calculus sequence—from limits to the divergence theorem. Included is an extensive, sixteen-part Mathematica tutorial, as well as the MmaCalc package.

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