Most TeX or LaTeX users produce their documents with the standard
Computer Modern typefaces, which were designed by Donald Knuth.
There are many occasions when one would like to use the same typefaces outside of TeX,
for instance when editing a graphic in a program like Adobe Illustrator®.

In 1997 PostScript versions of these fonts were created and made freely available by BlueSky.
These fonts were intended for use within TeX and do not use standard encodings;
thus they are quite inconvenient to use for other purposes.

Around the same time, we put together a set of standard PostScript and TrueType fonts
for Macintosh that were based on several of the Computer Modern typefaces.

In late 2002, we released OpenType® versions of these fonts with expanded character sets.
Being OpenType fonts, they work both on the Mac and in Windows.

A third major revision of these fonts was released in 2004.
The fonts are now OpenType “Pro” fonts, containing several OpenType “features”
such as kerning and automatic substitution of oldstyle numerals, “vulgar” fractions, small caps,
and ligatures. (There are many other improvements; most notably the hinting is vastly improved.)

So now you can take advantage of all these OpenType features in Adobe InDesign® and
automatic kerning in other applications such as Adobe Illustrator.
(Any application with Unicode support can access all glyphs in an OpenType font, while other
applications are limited to the usual subset of glyphs comprising the Mac Roman character set.)

A sample PDF document that describes the set is here.

Each of the following links shows you a screenshot of the Macintosh Character Palette.
(Be sure to scroll down to see all of it.)

Regular    Italic    Slant    Bold    Bold Italic
Caps    Caps Bold    Sans    Sans Bold
TeleType    TeleType Mono    TeleType Mono Italic

You can purchase this font collection now
through our PayPal-powered online store.

Not convinced? Not sure how OpenType fonts will work on your computer?
Then try out this sample.
It’s the (proportionally spaced) Computer Modern Teletype font from the collection.

For more information, email us here at


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