UniMath Plus©

This OpenType family contains over a thousand glyphs, including Roman and Greek alphabets,
upper-case blackboard bold, calligraphic, and Euler script, and hundreds of technical and mathematical symbols.
The family comprises plain, italic, bold, and bold-italic fonts.
Click here to see the InDesign glyph palette displaying the italic font.

If you’re wondering what all those strange symbols are about or how they’re organized,
please visit this page at Unicode.org.

You can purchase UniMath now
through our ultra low-tech, PayPal-powered online store.

Note to mt.editor users: The previous promotional discount has been discontinued.

Note to typesetting shops: There exist customized versions of UniMath known as UniMath2 and
UniMath8. If either of these is specifically what you need for a project, please email me.

For more information, email us here at enquiry@appliedsymbols.com.


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