Mathematica Palettes and Packages

“Active” Palettes    Glue   The purpose of this package is to make it easier to get good page breaks in Mathematica documents. There are buttons that “squeeze, stretch, scrunch, and spread” the bottom/top cell margins of selected cells, as well as buttons that shrink and expand graphics. If you’re going to print a large document, this can save you hours of tedious work.
    GrafXporter    This has buttons for exporting cells as EPS, GIF, and JPEG graphics. There are also buttons for specifying JPEG quality and other options.
    FontSwitcher    This simple palette lets you switch selected text to Times, Helvetica, or Courier, avoiding lots of font menu scrolling.
    Toolbar    This contains several utility functions: Clear All, Remove All, Quiet Spell Warnings, Conserve Memory, Unshadow, Load Graphics Packages, Load Stat Packages, and Kern Text.
    Click here to download all four.
“Passive” Palettes    Standard    This is just a combination of the BasicTypesetting and BasicInput palettes… so you don’t have to have them both cluttering your screen.
    Graphics    This is loaded with common graphics commands and options.
    Click here to download these.
Packages    DiffEqs   A suite of four packages for studying differential equations. Contains DEGraphics, which lets you easily create beautiful phase portraits and several other kinds of graphs.
    ReactionDiffusionLab    This package lets you easily create animations of solutions of two- and three-component reaction-diffusion systems, which are of interest for their ability to form natural-looking patterns.

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