KahoeTech is a set of three OpenType fonts: KahoeTech Latin, KahoeTech Greek, and KahoeTech Symbols.
Their purpose is to enable you to create moderately complex mathematical expressions in a word-processing,
graphics-editting, or page-layout environment without the aid of an external equation editor.

KahoeTech Latin and KahoeTech Greek make it easy to type subscripts and superscripts, as well as simple
fractions. The Macintosh versions (shown in the pictures below) are built so that the option key produces a
subscript and option-shift produces a superscript. Superscripts have zero width and behave as if preceded by
a backspace, which allows you to “stack” subscripts and superscripts.

KahoeTech Symbols contains many additional symbols, including several multipart symbols that
can span multiple lines: integral signs, parentheses, brackets, etc.

Click on each of the following pictures to see a full-size version.


The Windows versions are organized differently; the layout provides for easy symbol location
in the Windows Character Map. Click on each of the following pictures to see a full-size version.


Actually, each version will work both in Windows and Mac OS. So you can choose which layout you prefer.

Each of the following links is to a PDF document that describes the Macintosh version of the KahoeTech fonts:

A brief description written with MS Word.

Character tables.

A tutorial written with Adobe InDesign.


You can purchase this font collection now
through our PayPal-powered online store or through Kagi.


For more information, email us here at info@appliedsymbols.com.


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