Here’s the way we do business on custom design projects:

  (1) You contact Applied Symbols (AS) with a proposal for a Project which will result in a Product.

(2) AS determines whether Project can be done by AS and, if so, gives you an estimate of cost and time frame.

(3) You authorize the work.

(4) AS proceeds with Project, informing you of any departure from the estimated cost and/or time frame.

(5) Upon completion of Project, AS receives payment and then “ships” Product.

(6) If you are satisfied with Product, the transaction is complete. If not, AS will attempt to modify Product to achieve your satisfaction. If you are still not satisfied, then under most circumstances a full refund will be granted to you. However, AS does not guarantee you a full refund. AS retains full prerogative concerning the quality of Product relative to the initial agreement.


Applied Symbols is a strictly paper-free business.
This means that all communications and product deliveries are done electronically,
i.e., via the Internet or FAX.

For more information, email us here at



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